Special Education Info and Advocacy

When a child has a disability, whether it be mild, moderate, or severe, there is a great deal of extra work that goes into his or her educational and parenting needs. One aspect of parenting a special needs child that causes parents undue stress is school meetings like IEPs and 504s. As a volunteer advocate for special needs kids and their families, I have compiled some information and communication resources that can help take some of the stress out of navigating special education meetings. I hope you find something here that makes your life just a little easier. Pour a cocktail, and take a look!

What’s the difference between a 504 and an IEP? Specialized instruction! Learn more at the link.
504 or IEP?

Why is homework such a battle for my special needs child? Set healthy boundaries and limits for homework in your home. Fight the homework battle no more!
Homework Letter Template

My child has a disability and/or struggles with age-appropriate tasks and development. How do I request that he or she be tested to see if he or she qualifies for special education through an IEP? You just have to ask… in writing, of course. See below!
Example Letter for Requesting IEP Eligibility Testing

My special needs child was involved in an incident at school. How do I request more information about what happened? This email template can help you write professional correspondence asking for clarification and resolution of the incident.
School Incident Letter Template

Sometimes I speak with my child’s teacher or school administrators about my child’s education, but what we discuss is soon forgotten. How can I be sure my child’s school is following through? Document each meeting or verbal conversation about your child’s education with a respectful and professional email!
Documenting Meetings and Conversations with Your Child’s School